Wall Sawing

Wall Sawing

Wall Sawing

Wall sawing is the most effective cutting solution for vertical or sloped surfaces made of concrete, stone, or masonry.

Wall sawing uses a diamond blade, attached to a track-mounted machine, allowing for precise placement of the saw cut. The track system enables the wall saw to attach to just about any horizontal or vertical surface, such as walls, beams, stairs, and floors.

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Wall Sawing Applications

  • Cuts straight, smooth, finished openings in walls and floors
  • Cuts can be made up to 48″ deep indoors or outdoors
  • Allows flush cutting to adjacent structures or objects
  • Used for cutting doors and windows into concrete and masonry structures
  • Used for structure separations such as termination cuts, terminating objects to be removed without damage to existing structure safely
  • Bevel cutting

Benefits of Wall Sawing

  • Option to be remotely operated for safety
  • Can be powered electrically or hydraulically for zero emissions
  • Water is used in the process for dust control
  • Specialty blades are available for noise-sensitive areas
  • Eliminates spalling during the removal process